Leather Wallet You Will Want to Keep for the Rest of Your Life

Men and women in general handle things differently. Women have more things in her bag, while men can live with just a man’s wallet in their pocket. It is much easier to find something in a man’s possession than in a woman’s because most men prefer everything to be put in their wallet. It is also a man’s preference to have a leather wallet that he can keep for years to come. Even if a woman has everything in her bulky bag, it would be easy to find a leather wallet in it even without looking. Put all the important things inside it like credit cards, ATM cards, IDs, cash and a contact number so that someone can contact you just in case you leave your wallet somewhere.

The Stingray Leather Wallet is bifold and can hold up to nine cards if you use one pocket for each card. It has two compartments for general purpose items, an ID holder that is transparent and two cash compartments. The wallet is handmade and double stitched for extra strength and durability. It is made of genuine stingray and cowhide leather and the cash compartment is lined with hand woven black silk. There are several colors to choose from, so get your favorite color or for someone you know.

I had the chance to review the black wallet and my hubby just loved it! He never has had such a good quality wallet like this Tom Barrington Wallet before. Aside from the quality this wallet has, what he loves most is that it has lots of room where he can put all this cards and one transparent ID card holder where he put our family picture. This would be a perfect gift for any special occasion, especially with Christmas coming soon. I highly recommend this awesome leather wallet from Tom Barrington. If you want a high quality wallet that will last for a very long time, check out this place, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and let your man be happy.