Lego Friends Fanatics

My daughter just loves Lego Friends.  She told me she can spend everyday building the heartlake city and when asked by Santa last Christmas, her wish is to build the Heartlake City and as you can see her wish came true thanks to the gift card I got that I was able to buy this Lego Friends set without spending any money out of my pocket.

Anyway, she got up early this morning, ate breakfast, then started building these Lego Friends.  I was glad that her Bumpa got her this Lego Play Mat for her birthday since it makes it easier to build with all of these 6 sets all together and it looks more cool with all the designs.  She got 3 legos sets for her birthday and another 3 from Santa, namely: Olivia’s House, Heartlake High, City Park Cafe, Heartlake City Pool, The Pet Shop and The Adventure Camper.