Let’s Play Doll! #chasingfireflies

One of the pastimes for my 7-year old princess is to play with her dolls. She has her own collection! Added to that collection are her new complimentary products from Chasing-Fireflies.com (thank you so much for the opportunity), the Let It Snow Doll and a Wicker Doll Carriage.

These two play items are perfect and timely for the Christmas holiday season. It is as if Christmas has come early for her since she enjoys playing with her new toys that actually complement each other.  My little princess now pretends that she is taking care of a little sister as if there is no one else to take care of her because mommy is out taking care of something and she (mommy) has taken charge to make sure her little sister is taken care of all the time. She thinks she is her “little sister’s” mother for the time being. Isn’t that great? At an early age she is beginning to recognize certain responsibilities, but at the same time she is loving it because she is playing as a pretend parent. Isn’t that what most young girls would do? Children can’t wait to be adults and adults do everything to be like children again.

The doll that arrived is supposedly like a preschool kid, as if it was a real person. It fits the wicker carriage, but she wanted a baby doll inside so she got one of her baby dolls to make it more realistic.  (These are such wonderful holiday gift ideas for your little girls or for special niece or goddaughter.) Even if the older doll is supposed to be walking and running according to her age, my little princess puts her in the carriage together with the baby doll since it’s roomy for both. She really loves the carriage. It even has removable ruffles for easy washing. The wheels are made of rubber for a smooth and quiet ride.  She takes care of them like I take care of her, feeding them, playing with them, bathing them, changing their clothes and acts as if she is washing the clothes, putting them in the imaginary spin dryer and getting them dressed again. When they are in the carriage, she pretends to be walking in the park, talking to them as if they are listening and the dolls “talk back” in response. Of course, my little princess gives them the teeny tiny voice. After coming from the pretend park, she gets to feed them again, watches TV, bathes them again in preparation for a sound good night’s sleep. Before that, she reads them bedtime stories, too. I see she is enjoying playing so much that I may add some Doll Accessories so she can have more outfits for changing.

There are so many to choose from at Chasing-Fireflies.com. Even if you are thinking of gifting a baby, a preschool girl or boy, or even for ages until ten, you can find holiday gifts not limited for just playing.  Christmas is just around the corner, so check out this awesome place, join them on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram and start shopping for those amazing toys they have for your kiddos at very competitive prices.

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