We just moved in with my in-law last month. We came from Portland for a couple of months and now we’re staying here in Colorado for good. I noticed that in his garage there’s a couple of flammable items and paint stuff. I don’t want to our daughter to touch or play with any of those items. Everything new to her eyes she is always interested to play with. I looked for a flammable locker or some flammable cabinets in the basement yesterday afternoon but I couldn’t find any.

My hubby was shopping for groceries and I called to ask him if he knows if there is flammable cabinet storage in the house. He said he didn’t remember seeing one. So I asked him if we could buy one because there’s a couple of flammable items and paint cans in the garage. It’s better to be safe than sorry so my hubby went browsing on the internet for flammable lockers and found this great place. They have a wide selection of flammable lockers at very affordable prices and a hassle free return policy.

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