Looking for luggage?

My hubby and I are planning a trip to the Phillippines this coming winter. Since we have a baby now, I need new Carry-On Luggage that I can put all of Rachel’s stuff into that looks good. I was looking in the internet and found a great selection of wheeled carry on luggage. that looked better than what we have now. Compared to other places I have bought luggage, they have very reasonable prices for the quality of products they offer. The one that I really liked was the Luxe 19″ DUFFEL. It comes in red, which is one of my favorite colors and it’s really catches the eye. Not just the color, but it has leather rope handles which makes it very comfortable to carry. Also, it has two exterior side pockets that’s easy to access and adjustable shoulder strap with a non-slip pad and custom leather luggage tag. With this carry on luggage I can put all the stuff Rachel needs for a long trip overseas. Since my hubby loves his laptop and can’t leave without it, he’s planning to buy a new briefcase. I told him “how about my laptop? I need to put them in a safe place too”. So, we need two Briefcases and again they had several that are much better than what we have at of course again with reasonable prices. Now, I’m very excited for the trip thinking we have good looking luggage we needed.

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