Love Your Hair with Dove #LoveYourHair

Before television, I guess nobody insinuated how your hair must look like. Or maybe, it is not as much as what we have now. Shampoo and conditioner ads that show the before and after for a certain person’s hair from ugly to beautiful. Who would not want that beautiful long, healthy looking hair? Even those who have naturally kinky hair go to a salon to have their hair straightened. And so the existence of hair wars have begun and continue to be the hair look most of us are seeking. Is that wrong?

Nothing is wrong with having healthy hair. If it is what you really want to express, why not? Got kinky hair and want it straight? Why not? Want it to stay kinky? Why not? Color it the way you want? Why not? Whatever you want to do with your hair, if you think it makes you look good, then go ahead. What others think of it should not matter, unless there is a certain standard to belong in a certain group (like in a corporate company, you just cannot insist on a mohawk style unless it is the company’s standard).

I’m glad that Dove is committed to broaden how beautiful hair is defined through the #LoveYourHair campaign. My daughter and I would like to share how we love to wear our tresses and we feel beautiful just the way they look: long and wavy and we just let it fly or drop. We like to wear our hair clean, soft, and smooth so it is easy to manage. If later we want something different, we’ll just go with it. We do not have to conform to the dictates of other people. Our hair is our hair and we love it. Check out and see how other mothers and daughters wear their style of hair in confidence. You can be confident with your hair too and make a difference by sharing you and your daughter’s photo and show the world how you both wear your hair!

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