Low Battery While Away from any Power Source

In today’s digital age and mobile technology, rarely would you find the average person without his or her own mobile phone. Your home may not even be connected to a landline phone! It is easier to text or call someone’s mobile phone and the rates have become cheaper, too. People have become accustomed to being mobile that many own more than just one phone. The problem, however, is when your battery is low at a time you need to get connected and you have no source of electricity to plug your charger.


That’s when you need a power bank like this Fremo Blue Point Black external battery with a Bluetooth Headset. With it handy anywhere you go, you can hike several days and still get important messages when you need to. When there is a power shortage in your area due to certain calamities like storms, flash flooding or an earthquake, your communication line can be open longer than without a power bank.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.12.45 AM

This power bank can charge iPhones at least three times. Unless you play with your phones constantly, you can be sure you can be truly mobile for a long time. It has all-around security for overcharging, over discharging, overloading and electrode reversing.

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