Lozenges that Contains both Zinc and Elderberry

The most common lozenges that people take has something to do with alleviating a sore throat. Thera Zinc, however, does more than just that because of the zinc and elderberry that it contains.

The human body, through various organs, produces zinc naturally, but there are 300+ different enzymes requiring zinc. The immune system needs zinc to function properly. It controls diabetes, reduces stress, increases metabolism, makes wounds heal faster, cares for the eyes, aids in losing weight, prevents colds, among others. If one is deficient, it causes growth mental deficiencies, depression, hair loss, retarded bone growth, fatigue, rough skin, acne, etc.

Elderberry boosts your immune system, protects against bacterial infection, reduces pain due to autoimmune diseases, alleviates allergies, slows down cancer spread, etc.

Those are two of the ingredients of Thera Zinc Elderberry Lozenges. It has 200mg of elderberry and 7mg of zinc gluconate. It has natural raspberry flavor and sweeteners.


This is best the use during the flu season, but you can take it anytime so you do not easily get sick. Getting sick is more costly, especially if you have to take sick leave from work or even miss school. It tastes good too! Make Elderberry Thera Zinc Lozenges part of your daily supply. Have some ready in your bag or pocket whenever you leave home.