MacBook Pro Skin

I was glad I have been given this opportunity to review one of their skin products from Luckyskins.  As you can see here in the pictures, I have the purple skin with pink crown and I’m loving it!  What I like about having this skin is that they not only they protect my laptop from scratches or dings, but it also gives a unique look.  I have received lots of compliments when people see this skin on my laptop. 

This skin is made of high quality vinyl that has layers.  I have posted a video where you can watch it before applying the skin and I’m glad I watched it, because it does help me put the skin properly.  I like taking care of my stuff so they will last for a very long time and still look good overtime.  If you would like your laptop to stand out at the same time protect them, check out this place since they have several great skin choices in different colors and designs you can customize at very affordable prices.  Here’s the Facebook and Twitter you can follow and get the latest skin updated.

My MacBook Pro Skin

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