Magic card

A friend of my hubby asked me to help find some information about magic card printers. These are special printers that will print on ID cards. He uses them in his business to print membership cards. Magic card printers are very sophisticated devises, and offer a magnitude of features. One such feature is hologram card stock security features. I felt like the Rio 2e Magicard would do everything he needed. It was a single sided printer with the Holokote Key for added security in order to ensure his membership customers are using real cards. This is of magic card printers most popular model for people looking for a high security single sided printer. It prints 350 cards per dye film. It also has option of ordering a magnetic card encoding module in order to read swipe history. That way you can track your member swipe history. The Magicard EN3 monochrome ribbons can print up to 1000 cards and come in multiple colors which would save a lot of money over multicolor ribbons. There are a lot of Magic card printers and options and I recommend to my friend that he check out the website out himself. Magic Card is a pioneer in card printing and has excellent customer support.

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