Make Your Kitchen Organized-Friendly & Get A Chance To Win A #YouCopia Product

If you love to cook or bake, chances are you have accumulated more items for your kitchen over time. As such, you just might run out of space to store your collection or they may just pile up one over the other in your drawers or cupboards. When it is time to use a particular item, it may take you so long before finding it, if you don’t just give up. Below are some items that encourage organization.

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1. The StoreMore Bakeware Rack holds your baking pans and boards vertically which means if you need one, no need to bother the others. The space is adjustable depending on the thickness of your items. No need to worry for round objects as they will not roll out, nor will the wire give a scratch to your collection since it is coated. It has seven dividers which you can put newly washed items directly after washing to dry before keeping the lot in the cabinet.

2. The StoreMore Lid Holder gives your casserole and pan lids a space meant for them. The coated wiring is formed so the lid handles fits nice and easy. Also with seven dividers, they are adjustable to accommodate the thickness of the lids separately. Round lids will not roll out as they stay centered, especially with the handle stuck in place. With its soft non-slip base, you can be sure everything will stay in place, even if you make it a drying rack.

3. The Drawer StoraStack stores up to twelve of your plastic food containers organized in your kitchen drawer. You can adjust the length so that it stays in place in the drawer. There are vertical slots so your plastic lids are easily found. The clips that holds the containers are also adjustable. With this drawer organizer you can easily find what you are looking for, especially when matching the lid to the container.

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