Making an ottoman to our liking

Guest post written by Kinsey Greene

I’ve been searching for the perfect ottoman for our living room for what feels like years now. Although it’s only been a few months. But I’ve spent quite a bit of time during those months on finding an ottoman. Well, I’ve decided that I’m just going to make one to our liking.

I’ve seen DIY ottoman instructions in all kinds of home design blogs before, so I decided to tackle one on my own. During my online search for ottoman making instructions I saw some info on professional cabinet refacing and decided to bookmark it because we’re going to redo our kitchen in the coming months.

I found this one tufted ottoman project and I knew something like that was exactly the kind of ottoman that I’d been trying to find for months. So I’m going to try and do my best and hope that it ends up looking like I bought it instead of made it. Even though I love looking at DIY projects on blogs, you never want to be able to tell that they made it.