Making Moving or Relocating Easier for Your Kids

It’s perfectly natural to be worried about your kids when you’re moving into a new house or residence. It can be even more stressful when you move to a completely new area or state. Moving is usually stressful for adults, but moving can be an especially upsetting time for kids.

With some careful planning, you can reduce the impact that your move will have on your children and help turn the process of moving into an adventure! It will also be a big help if you hire a moving company like Moveline. Moveline offers most of the standard moving company services, but also offer crating, storage, insurance, professional unpacking and offer special arrangements for items like pianos or flat screen TVs. Furniture wrapping and disassembly, loading and unloading and furniture reassembly are already standard for them.

Here are some creative tips to help make moving easier for your kids:

· Give your kids some jobs to do in the lead up to your move – as long as the tasks are age appropriate.

· Hiding some treasures in your moving boxes can add to the excitement of getting to your new house and starting the unpacking process.

· While it may be a safer option to keep your kids away during the packing process, wherever possible, it’s good to have your kids around and participating in the packing process. It’ll help them to get some closure and know that all their familiar and favorite items won’t be left behind.

· It’s important to try and keep as much of a normal routine as possible both before and after your move. Keeping some regularity in your kid’s schedule or routine is important – there’s already a lot of change to deal during this time.

Corey’s Move to Las Vegas with Moveline from Moveline on Vimeo.

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