Making my antique furniture last

Guest post written by Dana Wilcox

I spend quite a bit of time antiquing but I don’t really even pick out the most expensive or historically relevant pieces. Sometimes I just love the character that you get from antique pieces that you can’t exactly get from big box stores. Then I also like to fix up these pieces of furniture and personalize them in a way that will fit in my life, rather than restoring them to their former glory.

I was online browsing through some of my favorite blogs on restoring antique furniture about a week or so ago when I found the site After I looked through it some I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages for our home that we found on there.

I found this one bench that I think is especially great that I’m painting and using on our back deck. I think that it’s really going to be quite great once I finish with the paint job. But first I’ll make sure to use some primer that will keep the actual wood of the bench looking in great condition.

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