Manage Dining Mess By Using Bambinos!

When a baby reaches the age when he or she can sit on a high chair to eat, the most pressing problem is usually the cleanup since almost everything has been thrown away. To minimize the mess, the solution so far would be feeding the baby instead of leaving the food to the baby’s care. Oftentimes, it is done away from the dining table, ahead of time (before the rest of the family eats), when and where things can be controlled.

Finally, a baby product that can help lessen the mess! The Bambinos! Tray & Bowl system can be attached to the table much better than the suctioned counterparts. It can be easily set and removed, but never by the baby so the tray stays in its place. No more hurling of plates or dropping them on the floor. This baby product does not contain any chemicals that can react with the food your baby will eat. Also, your baby can eat more easily with the family which will encourage a better development.

 It is also easy to bring the tray into a restaurant so your child can still enjoy the freedom of eating by him or herself. You can also use the trays for business use like a day care center. It is safe for dishwasher cleaning as well.

Help Megan Wilson to have this wonderful product for parents to push through by giving a pledge via Kickstarter. Depending on the amount you pledge, you will be able to receive something in return (check the list at Kickstarter). Get a hold of your life with a baby or a toddler during family meal times. Although food may still fall on the floor once in a while, at least there will be no broken plates or bowls because of this award-winning invention.