Manage Your Stress w/ Stress-Less Essential Oil Blend from #ColorEarth

Everyone is affected by stress, but not everyone can manage it which often results into health problems that can be chronic and dangerous to the immune system, digestive system and even reproductive system. It may cause anxiety and lack of sleep. Irritability will be common, as well as sadness and anger. These results tell us it is time to get some help from essential oils that alleviates these symptoms.

Be handy with the Stress-Less Essential Oil Blend because it is packed with five stress-reducing natural oils synergistic to each other. It is also a perfect gift to someone who cannot handle stress well. With this oil blend, life can be lived with less stress and with higher productivity.

The Stress-Less Essential Oil Blend is a mixture of organic oils such as mandarin, geranium rose, neroli, rosewood, and jasmine. They are extracts made from pure ingredients that only come from the finest of farms. Being oil, heat that is produced as it is rubbed on the skin makes absorption through the veins very fast. The ingredients are specifically chosen because one or the other can relax the nervous system, help the circulatory system, balance hormones, reduce depression, alleviate the affects of menopause and cause sedation, among other health benefits. Get your stress-reliever now from

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