Mission Impossible? Getting Your Kids Outdoors More!

It seems that getting children to play outdoors is more and more difficult than it ever has been thanks largely to the lure of video games. However, it is so important that children play outdoors. Not only does it help to develop their learning abilities, but also it improves their health and well being while also giving them a sense of independence, the platform to explore, the ability to improve their social skills, as well as boosting their creativity levels. So, how do you get your child off the sofa? Here are some top tips on achieving mission impossible and getting your kids to play outside:

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  • Add water – Children love water. If you add some water to the mix via a paddling pool or a trip to the beach, you will have them outside quicker than you can say let’s have a splash. Playing with water also offers a number of benefits. It is a sensory activity that aids brain development while also laying the foundation for mathematical and scientific learning.
  • Buy your child a drone for their next birthday – Drones aren’t just for adults, nor are they for crazy people that want to interfere with planes – you have probably heard the stories. You can take a look at the best drones for kids, and you will see how they differ from the other drones on the market. There are many benefits of getting your child to fly a drone, aside from the obvious that it gets them outside. This includes the fact that they will improve their fine motor skills and their spatial problem-solving skills.
  • Think beyond your garden – When motivating children to play outside more, the natural approach is to get them to play in the garden. However, depending on where you live, there will be a range of outdoor environments that children can enjoy exploring. Why not arrange a family trip out every weekend? From heading to the river, to visiting your local botanical garden, to looking for shells on the beach, there are many different ways to get your child outside more.
  • Spend time outdoors as a family – The former point leads onto this perfectly: you should spend more time outdoors as a family. This does not only refer to taking trips as a family, but you can do things like washing the car together, having a picnic, or simply going for a walk after dinner.
  • Take the indoors out – If your child loves to play indoors, you can easily resolve this problem by taking their toys outside. Of course, this is a bit difficult when it comes to their video consoles, unless they have a portable one. However, the vast majority of toys can be taken outside.
  • Make nature exciting – Last but not least, one of the best ways to get your child outside more is to get them excited about nature. Going for a walk may not appeal to them. But, if you show excitement in bird watching, gardening, flowers, and other related activities, then it is likely that your kids will too.

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