Mixed success with Rachel

We are on a mission, per Rachel’s pediatrician’s orders, to have Rachel stop using her binky and to get her off the baby bottles.  Getting her using different bottles should be the easier of the two.  She sometimes does good with the new bottles and sometimes she has a hard time.  We try to show her how to suck from the straw and she is catching on.  Over time, she seems to finally be getting comfortable with the new bottles.  As far as getting rid of the binky altogether, I think it would be easier for me to win American Idol.  She really only needs it when she is tired and she is getting ready for her afternoon nap or at bedtime at night.  Since she is getting attached to her Barney stuffed animal, hopefully that will help us in trying to distract her at bedtime and help her forget about the binky.  It will take time, but we have to phase out the binky soon.

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