Mobility Works!

Guest Post by Paula D.
Do you or someone you know have trouble with riding in or driving a normal vehicle? If so, is just waiting for your visit to restore mobility and independence. specializes in handicapped accessible vans and other equipment which can restore the freedom of driving to the disabled. They have twelve showrooms in seven different states, which can helpfully address the needs of the physically disabled. Tthey are NMEDA QAP certified, ensuring the highest quality of service.
For those with limited or no control of their feet, gas and brake pedals are a bit of a challenge. Luckily, provides driving hand controls, which replace these all important foot pedals. There are several different styles and brands of hand controls available through, all of which provide a new level of control and freedom for the driver. Drive Master products can be used to customize the vehicle for low effort steering or brakes, as well as for one-handed steering and other needs. Products made by Wells-Enberg provide the best in hand control aids, allowing a simple twist of the hand to accelerate the vehicle, rather than the food pedal. A similar product by Mobility Products and Design utilizes a push/pull system of hand control, while EMC manufactures fully electronically assisted hand controls for both primary and secondary vehicle functions. has a team of specialists who will advise and install the driving hand control system of your choice into a vehicle. They are dedicated to providing the very best service for their customers and returning their ability to independently transport themselves.

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