I was interested in Hawaii reverse mortgage for my farther in law and found a lot of good information.  With medical expenses spiraling out of control and now they are talking about food prices going up it is increasingly difficult for retirees.  A reverse mortgage is where you finance a portion of the equity in your house and the bank pays you a monthly payment. You never have to pay the loan back until you move out, sell, or pass away. It allows you to get extra monthly income for any use you would like. Since the bank pays you there are no credit or income requirements. The only requirement is that you and everybody on the title is 62 years and older. You may still qualify even if you have a first and second mortgage. You can also include other seniors that live in the house and they will never be forced to move or sell even if you pass away. You never have to pay them back and they get paid back from your estate when you die or if you decide to sell and move. You can live in your home until you die.  All you have to do is keep your house properly maintained and the taxes and insurance paid and you will never be forced out of your house. I also saw that they had Minnesota reverse mortgage and Virginia reverse mortgage available too. Since most reverse mortgages are federally insured I would think that they would have it available in most states  So if you or someone you know is looking for Virginia reverse mortgage, check out this website and see how they can help you and your loved one.  This website I found has been in the business for years providing valuable information about mortgages and retirement income.

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