Motivate Your Child From the Right Perspective

Most parents rear their children from the perspective of rewards and punishment. While it works in a way, it leaves the child less happy, or even totally unhappy mainly because of the fact that the child is boxed into what the parents wanted. In time, the child learns to always look forward to something in return for what he or she would do. It is the making of the “get” attitude.

Motivate Your Child is a book by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller that approaches the child’s rearing from the biblical perspective. It teaches the parent how to explore internal motivation of the child so the child willingly does things and not just rely on others. It also teaches how the conscience is prompted and how to take advantage of it. If your child enjoys playing the blame game, this book teaches how your child should respond to mistakes other than justifying, defending and blaming someone else. The moral fiber of the child predicts how strong his/her future is going to be. Developing the child spiritually and morally brings out the best in him/her. I have good news to to all my lovely readers.

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