Motivating Digitally-Inclined Kids To Read

The digital age has penetrated our world fully and users of the latest gadgets are becoming younger as time passes by. These advancements can’t be stopped and prohibition will not help your kids at all. Instead, let them explore the digital age, just make sure they’re playing educational games, or might as well viewing useful websites. Start by exploring Bookboard together. It’s a reading site for kids where more than 400 books for kids up to 12 years of age can be explored.

It isn’t just like any other e-libraries out there where subscribers get to choose from the alphabetical list and download. Kids will have fun collecting the books with their unique ways of discovering and unlocking items just like similar games online. It’s a reading challenge for kids ensuring that they won’t get bored in the process.  Teaching kids to read is one of the most challenging tasks that a parent should learn. The attention span of kids is very short and you need to keep them interested all the time. That’s the very reason why books for kids are in big and colorful prints and usually have vibrant pictures.

Team up with an educational site just like Bookboard, they provide Free Trial, as you can see here in the picture, my daughter is having fun reading some of the books and unlocked a couple of new books.  So, go check it out now and you’ll be assured that your kids get to learn in a digital way.

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