Motor Thrills by Nitro Circus at Pepsi Center

Pepsi Center was totally outrageous with the thrilling performances shown by Nitro Circus on Nov 17 . Travis Pastrana and his team of high – flying athletes redefined what seemed like endless jumps and tricks that can be performed with bikes, skateboards and motorcycles . You are not going to see such action sports entertainment anywhere else in your life .

My family and I went to Pepsi Center to Nitro Circus event on Nov 17 . My daughter was so amazed and excited when she saw all the amazing and unique tricks done by the Pastrana’s team . Flipping and jumping, risking their lives by doing back flips and front flips with a variety of deviations. The team also showed jumps that hurl throttle-twisting athletes more than 90 feet in the air . It was so mesmerizing and full of entertainment that we all were immensely engaged with the show .


Highly Risk affiliated stunts :

These tricks and stunts were so dangerous and risky that many performers have been injured. No doubt this all needs to be with perfection and bravery to accomplish such difficult and dangerous stunts.

The Nitro Circus crew experienced a devastating blow in September when longtime tour leader Erik Roner struck a tree in a skydiving accident in California . Pastrana’s love and involvement in the circus is so high that he says , if my kids grow up half with half the passion that my wife and I had , I will feel like I have done my job. 

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If you want to see this amazing nitro circus perform live in-person, check out this special one-of-a-kind event and see when you have one coming in your area.  I promise you this show will be one of the most entertaining and memorable live events you will ever attend! 

I received complimentary tickets for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.

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