Nap Mat

Now my daughter likes her nap time because of her new nap mat. I’m really glad I have this because I always have had a hard time putting her down for her nap. But, this new nap mat she has now is so easy to put her for a nap with because she loves laying down with this colorful and cute stylish cupcake design. She said it’s really comfortable to sleep in this nap mat with a pillow that’s so cute and soft plus the fact she can take a nap whenever she wants. I received this personalized one with her first and last name on it, which she really got a kick out of it.  It has an attached blanket, removable pillow and you can just roll it up and carry it like a backpack. To learn more about this comfortable Stephen Joseph cupcake nap mat, check out this great place and their Facebook to get more promotional updates.

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