Need leads to keep selling

My hubby works in the sales department for a multi-million dollar company here in Denver. He said they are cutting on spending for things like non-essential travel and office supplies among other things to cut costs. But, he said in a sales meeting this week, their Vice President of sales said they are spending twice as much this year each month on leads compared to how much they spent each month last year for sales leads. They have found a source of leads from the internet where they have twice the closing percentage of their standard leads. My hubby said some of these new leads are like gold. Because with their standard leads, they are having to make twice as many contacts with prospects to get the same amount of sales because of the down economy and increased competition. Due to this philosophy, he said their sales department has increased sales more than ten percent year to date compared to last year. How many companies can say they are growing in these difficult times? Their key is to increase the amount of sales leads they are bringing in and focusing on better quality leads at the same time. You can also do this by utilizing the information and data on future prospects at They can supply you with leads, such as a Consumer Mailing List , to help you increase your production. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be proactive and take the necessary steps to keep you marketing efforts one step ahead of your competition.

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