No More Stinky Gear

Now I don’t need to worry about my helmet being smelly anymore because I have this really cool Stuffitts insert for my helmets.  It was really warm that day and even though I got sweaty wearing my helmet, it didn’t smell at all. I was really impressed with this product and I would really highly recommend it to anybody who uses a helmet.

This insert fits really good in any full helmet and it comes with two styles which you can use for a bicycle or a motorcycle helmet. Aside from the full cut inserts, they offer a gear bag which I really love because it’s really light. Whenever I go out for a long walk, I always bring my small backpack with me because it’s where I put my water and other stuff. I don’t like when it gets really sweaty and feels so icky and I don’t like the smell, so I always have to wash my backpack periodically. It’s really a pain to do, but now I don’t need to worry about it since I have my new gear bag which kills the odor.

Another cool feature about this bag is that it has water resistant nylon, it’s very durable and you can bend or fold the insert. To learn more about these awesome products that kills odor, check out this great place,, like their Facebook and become their Twitter fan to get updates and promotions for their products.


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