No Reservations

Guest post written by Margot May

I love Anthony Bourdain despite all his cursing and grouchy ways. Actually, that may be why I love him so much. He defies the nauseatingly cheerful stereotype of a celebrity chef on his Travel Channel show, which I think I’ve watch all its episodes.

My favorite episode has to be a Romania one from a couple of years ago. He was celebrating his friend’s birthday and went to Romania. His friend Zamir seemed a little crazy, but even more loveable for it.

Zamir even told a real estate agent that Anthony was in the market for a castle so they toured a castle up for sale that Vladimir Dracula may have spent the night in. Then on Halloween night they both dressed up in costumes and went to the hotel restaurant where the food seemed hardly edible and a bunch of American tourists were dressed in cheesy costumes for the party. Anthony looked like he would have rather had a hole in the head instead of sitting there and watching the spectacle. It was hilarious.

When I realized I was having trouble keeping up and reading Anthony’s show blog, I contacted internet service providers MA and switched over to direct tv satellite internet. Now I can laught along with all of Anthony’s non-airable commentary.

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