Now We Can Check Off Skydiving From Our Bucket List Thanks To iFly

For people like us who love adventure, skydiving is definitely on the top of our bucket list. However, fulfilling this is not that easy. Only a few places offer the experience and most of the time it is very expensive. Fortunately, a similar feeling and adrenaline rush can be felt by trying indoor skydiving.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 3.57.31 PM

We were provided several complimentary tickets from iFly Denver and of course we tried their famous iFly Indoor Skydiving. At first it looked a bit scary, but the instructors were professional and they were able to give all the necessary instructions accordingly. What’s more exciting in iFly is that all you need to do is to bring yourself and all other needed equipment is on them.

Age limit is also not a problem because the range is from 3-103. They may have some restrictions for those with previous shoulder or leg injuries, but the rest are allowed, even some with physical disabilities. Some of those who were also there to join us are professional skydivers with their trainees and according to them, the feeling is very similar. My family and I can now proudly say that the feeling of skydiving is checked from our list and it also provides anyone with a perfect way to prepare for the outdoor version.

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