One Baby’s Unwanted Belonging is Another Baby’s Treasure

Babies grow fast. What they have used when they are smaller is no longer use when they grow bigger. What happens is, babies get a pile of clothing over the span of their early years, which they can no longer wear, but which are too cute and expensive to just discard.  Why not pass along your baby items through BabyJunk? You can trade, sell or buy items that will fit your baby needs or for someone else. If you are no longer using baby items, you can sell what you have and make use of the money you gather. That way, you put the items to good use while helping other parents find quality items at an affordable cost.

Since BabyJunk just started, the list of items is still growing, so parents, especially mothers, are encouraged to help kickstart the communities. You can actually get together at one time to do what you need to do (trade, sell or buy) and be friends with other parents at the same time. You also get to help the environment by recycling and reusing usable products.  Go check your baby closet for clothes and toys. If they are just taking space, it’s time to use this resource so someone else can enjoy what your child had enjoyed. If you need items for your baby, it’s time to get in touch with others who will have what you need.

Sharing Is Caring