Only $1 For A Medical Appointment by Visiting Amwell #momsloveamwell

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It all started with what seemed like a simple cold. So, I just kept on my daily routine, as always. I was thinking it was just a matter of time for it to pass. However, it didn’t. I kept feeling that my nose obstructed, I couldn’t smell anything and I started having a little fever. So, I started to worry about what was going on with me. So, after about two weeks it seemed that my cold was worse and this was when I remember a co-worker told me about Amwell, a telehealth company who provides all kinds of doctors always on-call. And the best thing is that I didn’t even have to go out. They have an app and you just select the kind of visit you need and choose a provider. So, I just grabbed my tablet and went to Amwell.

I just had the most amazing experience ever with a doctor and I’m in my mid 30s. I simply hate getting sick and having to go to the doctor’s office. It’s just terrible. Nowadays, you simply don’t have the time to be sick. However, I was for several weeks recently.

IMG_Landing_LogoThe doctor that saw me was very nice. He asked me a lot of questions, asked me to do some things so he could better diagnose my symptoms, and ultimately, he said I had a sinus infection. So, he prescribed the medication I needed and it didn’t take long until I felt much better.

As a mother and a full-time worker, having Amwell is great to have, especially when your so busy and don’t have time to go out to a clinic for a check up.  

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Here’s good news for all of my lovely readers.  Take advantage of this opportunity and you can have a $1 visit, simply use this coupon code HEALTHY7.  You can check out this video to learn more about Who American Well and why their the best medical option for us. 

Amwell is positioning itself to be “The Amazon of healthcare” for more information read this article from the Wall Street Journal

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If you or someone you know is looking for a convenient online visit for doctors 24/7, contact Amwell like I did.

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