Order picking solutions

I was doing some research on order picking solutions and found a lot of great information. When you are trying to run an assembly line it is important that your assemblers have quick access to the parts need to assemble or it can slow down your whole operation. It even becomes more important for order pickers to quickly find the parts and also have high quality conveyor rollers to slide their order on while they are picking the parts. I even one model called span-track that allows you to restock the parts without interfering with production or your order picking operations.

There are so many different types of order picking solutions that I don’t know which would be the best. I do know that it is important to get the right one with the highest ranking quality. Traditional conveyer rollers three or four smaller rollers that can leave indentations in your boxes which can cause slow starts and to also cause you to have to use excessive force to move your box. Unex uses rollers that spans the entire width of the conveyor which eliminate this problem altogether. This makes it seem like your box is sliding on ice saving your exertion for the order picking instead of using it on pushing the box.

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