Our new home’s pool

Guest post written by Maxine Call

When we moved to Florida, one of my requirements for a house was that it had a pool. Unfortunately, those are in high demand because it’s of course hot in Florida and it’s much easier to buy a house with a pool than install one after you buy a house.

But we managed to find one that seemed to be in pretty good condition with a safety fence already built around it. That was especially important to us because we have three dogs that aren’t good swimmers.

One afternoon while I was floating on the surface reading a book, my husband came onto our deck to ask me about a cook out that we were inviting our new neighbor over to so we could get to know them. Except, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I thought that maybe it was time that I think about hearing devices.

I didn’t feel comfortable talking to any of our neighbors about this because we had just met them, so I looked up Hearing aid locations in Florida. I bought some hearing aids at one of them before our cookout, which was a success!

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