Outdoor Adventures With Kids That Don’t Cost The Earth

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Life is expensive, and so is having kids! But the fact is, not everything has to cost the earth. When it comes to finding exciting outdoor adventures to take your kids on, these can be super cheap. Some can even be free.

You don’t have to travel far to take your kids on an adventure. Just to the local park, woods or forest will do. When you’re there, make a game of it. Have you learned the story and song for “we’re going on a bear hunt!”? No? Then it’s time you did. Sing this with them and pretend you’re going on a real life bear hunt! Or make it a nature walk, and have them find as many different plants or species of bird as they can.

Sometimes, half of the fun can be found just in the transport. Taking your child on an aeroplane is sure to be one of the most exciting moments of their life! You can also use the journey to teach them all about how planes work, and how big the earth is! Let an air hostess now that it is your child’s first time on a plane. They might be able to let you meet the pilot, and see the cockpit!

Alternatively, stay on the ground and travel by RV. If you plan to be going on a lot of adventures with your kids, purchasing one is a wise investment. You are basically buying long-term accommodation and long-term transport! That’s not to mention all of the extra storage you have with an RV that you just don’t get in a car. Having your own space on the road will make it far easier to handle the kids. They will also settle in far easier in comparison to needing to check in and out of hotels. You’ve also got the benefit of the toilet nearby; not halfway across a muddy field if you’re camping, for example! When that little voice says “I need a wee” at 3 am, there is no mad panic needed!

Out in nature, there are dozens of fun activities you can do with kids. Being in the fresh air and away from their phone or computers is great for them. Find a local lake and teach them how to fish. Sign them up for a rock climbing course that both adults and children can do together. This is great for both upper and lower body strength. Have them learn the basics indoors, and then take them on an adventure for their first outdoor climb. Once they’ve learned the basics of these things, you can then make your holidays and vacations around these things. So if you’re kid has picked up canoeing like a pro and loves it, how about a week-long tour of some of your best local lakes and river. Mix things up by doing some slightly different activities while you’re out there. Find a safe and shallow body of water to get out of the boat and start swimming. Or have them try kayaking for the first time!

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