Perfect Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching fast. People are busy creating lists, what food to prepare, clothes to wear, what decorations to get and where to spend the holiday. If you were born in a large and close-knit family, then you know how much the holidays and Christmas is really family time. It is a time for reunions, a time to catch up and a moment for gifts, gifts, and more gifts!

Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are versatile. If you want to use storage containers for something other than food or a gift for this gift holiday, it is recommended that the set of green food containers, which are the immediate empty freshness without pumps, motors, and confusing parts. Just press the center of the lid and the excess air is ejected through the unidirectional valve. This requires minimal effort. The patented valve easily removes excess air so that the growth of natural bacteria is greatly reduced and the food remains fresh longer. It also has a relief valve that prevents spills, splashes and breakouts when used in microwave ovens. The wavy pattern at the bottom of each container holds fruits and vegetables in water and juices, BPA-free, dirt-repellent, unbreakable and as transparent as glass.  Also, they are freezer safe.

Why do we need a digital kitchen scale in our kitchen? Is it just for fun cooking or is it really important for all cooks? For those who do not take the cooking seriously or just cook to eat something, you might think that a kitchen scale is just a waste of money. Actually, this is a perfect holiday gift idea. A digital kitchen scale is one of the essential tools for those who need precision in their kitchen. For a baker, it is just as important as a kitchen appliance. The Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs Digital Kitchen Scale has Microban antimicrobial protection that can stop the growth of bacteria that can cause stains, odors and product damage. Did you know that in an unprotected kitchen, the bacteria can double every 20 minutes? The digital kitchen scale is equipped with two lithium batteries. The scale has a low battery and overload indicator and turns off automatically after two minutes of inactivity to extend battery life.

The Hickies lacing system are elastic tapes that are designed so you never have to tie your shoelaces again. Kindergarteners and toddlers rejoice! Admittedly, the method doesn’t take long (unless it is a pair of lace-up skates, which in principle bind like a small corset around the foot). While you can save one minute a day, the unique feature of these strings is that you can customize the fit. There are several ways to put the Hickies in your slippers, each has a different feeling.  For example, if the fit is too wide, use the “tight” fastening technique to tighten it. The lace styles are the same depending on the desired waterproofing, laces and stylistic preference.

Pet Friendly Home

Your pets are part of the family, and it’s important to design a home that keeps them happy and healthy. Most likely, you know to keep hazardous items like cleaners and chemicals away from pets to keep them safe. However, you may not realize that some everyday items that are safe for humans can actually harm your furry friends. Did you know that you must keep some bathroom items that you use each day away from pets too?

It’s also a good idea to take an inventory of your plants. Certain houseplants can make your pets sick, depending on what type of animals live in your home. Various animals have different needs when it comes to protection from household items. Something that’s okay for your cat could make your hamster or even a bird sick. To keep everyone healthy, make sure that your home has clean, fresh air for both you and your pets.

Animal hair and pet dander cause indoor air pollution that can aggravate asthma and allergic reactions. You can use a HEPA filter to remove toxins and help purify the air. HEPA filters trap allergens like pet dander, which helps people with allergies live happily with their pets. Be sure to change your HEPA filters at least once every three months. Pets and humans can live together in harmony with a bit of effort on your part. Creating a safe haven for your and your family pets is easy. Just follow these four steps to a pet-friendly home.

Trusted Car Maintenance and Repair Provided by #ChristianBrothersAuto

“This is a sponsored post. All opinions stated are my own.”
My hubby has a 2004 Pontiac that looks almost like a new car on the outside, even though it has been driven over 215,000 miles.  We have taken very good care of his Grand Prix we bought new and have taken on road trips around the country, but it’s due some repairs that need to be prioritized due to our limited budget.  Also, we want to make sure there is not any major or costly repairs needed before we invest more money for minor repairs into a high mileage car.  We can see some fluid leaking from where we park the car, my hubby thought he felt some vibrations in the brake pedal at times and we need to know any other issues before we decide how much to spend on repairs and which repairs that need to be addressed first.
We made a reservation with Christian Brothers Automotive to have our car inspected so they can let us know which systems need attention and how we need the prioritize the repairs, especially when it comes to the safety with one of our family cars.  After their thorough inspection and after two test drives to test the brakes and other systems, they reviewed with us their easy-to-understand summary that included pictures to show the areas of the car that had fluid leaking and other areas that may need repairs in the future.  Their color coded system, red needs immediate attention, yellow needs to be reviewed and considered for repair and green is for systems that have no issues was really easy to understand.  Also, their estimate was categorized by system which makes it very easy to compare the need of different repairs to our budget.  We were pleased no red or immediate repairs were needed and our brakes are in good condition and are safe.  The leaks will need some attention soon along with some other minor issues, but this inspection really helped us know which repair needs to be done first, how much to budget for the repairs needed soon and the other repairs down the road.  Their detailed explanation and report is really what we needed to keep our high mileage car safe and reliable since winter is coming soon. They provided their inspection at no cost — and in fact, every time you visit Christian Brothers Automotive, your car will receive a complimentary courtesy inspection, because they want you and your family to be safe while driving.
Winter is coming and read the tips below to be prepared:
*Check on your battery. Batteries fail most often in the winter time. If you have an older battery, have it load tested before the cold weather strikes.
*Keep your washer fluid full. A de-icing variety is helpful in colder climates.
*Make sure you have the proper coolant ratio. Asking your mechanic for assistance is a good idea, as you want to make sure you have the right ratio of antifreeze and water to avoid freezing your radiator and engine.
*Change the oil. One more time. Winter weather is tough. Don’t forget to change your oil regularly.
*Keep your emergency kit stocked. If you break down, you should have emergency supplies for you and your car. Among the things to pack for winter: warm clothes, blankets or a sleeping bag, flashlights with extra batteries, a shovel, an ice scraper, flares or reflectors, salt, sand or cat litter for traction, a first aid kit with a pocket knife, matches, candles, booster cables, water and snacks.
*Check your tires for wear. Bald tires are dangerous in bad weather. Put a penny in the tread – if you can see all of Abe Lincoln’s head, it’s probably time for new tires. And keep snow chains in the car if you’re in a state that requires them.
*Try not to drive in bad weather. If you can stay home when it’s snowing or the roads are iced over, don’t go out. We understand that sometimes you don’t have a choice. At least think about it. Safety first.
*Keep your fuel tank above half full if you can. More fuel is better during colder times.
Warranty:  24,000 miles or 24 months, whichever comes last, opposite of most of auto repair locations.
Also, we greatly appreciate their company philosophy that includes giving back to the community by donating 10% of their gross profits to local charitable causes.

Prepping for the Holidays with modern Samsung Appliances at @BestBuy @SamsungUS

The holidays are coming and surely your kitchen would again become the busiest place in your house. Coming up with the list of luscious delicacies would be your priority to prepare for quite a number of gatherings. Having these and all, wouldn’t be cool if you have the techies appliances in town? During this season, time is of the essence and of course convenience.

Fortunately, when it comes to home appliance and technology, Samsung Appliances at Best Buy are readily available. One of which is their cool Refrigerator where you can update your grocery and shopping list and get reminders for expiration dates right within your smartphone. How cool is that? Nothing goes to waste with this feature. Especially at this time so that you can save 10% When You Buy Four or More Samsung Kitchen Appliances. Grab the opportunity and save some bucks for holiday giveaways.

If you are not convinced yet, how about getting their awesome oven where you can turn on/off, preheat, and adjust the temperature remotely through your smartphone. Those wacky holiday pictures which is most of the time you are not included is over. You can enjoy the chitchat with the family while waiting for your baked goodies to finish.

More of these smart appliances from Samsung aims to make your daily life easier to bear. Whether you are a bachelorette, a career woman on the go or a stay at home mom with energetic kids, you will love the latest Samsung appliances.

This is the real advantage of incorporating technology in your everyday home appliances and lifestyle. Modern living will always give you that extra time you need for your love ones. These smart appliances allow you to manage your time to save for more important moments with the most important people in your life.

Check out or any store nearest you and get the modern Samsung Appliances you’ll surely enjoy!

Things To Consider Before Entering University & College Life

High school life just ended for many and pursuing a university degree is just around the corner. It is something that should be taken seriously because aside from mind blowing subjects that require dedication, it isn’t cheap at all. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, so most of the time students rely on student loans to sustain the tuition, books and living expenses. You are expected to have moved out from your parent’s house by the time you enter the university, so basically aside from the university tuition and books, you will need to sustain your daily needs.

If you need any guidance, you should talk this thing out with your parents first. Maybe a little financial help can be provided or maybe moving out can be delayed. It is very important to get all the support you can get because your budget is the most important thing in pursuing a college degree. You may have chosen your course or major, but it would be useless if in the end you can’t afford to pay for what you need.

Getting student loans is among the most popular options you can have as long as you are financially mature enough to pay them off as soon as you can otherwise you will be indebted for several decades into the future. You wouldn’t want all of your paycheck to go directly to your bills right?

Aside from getting a student loan, you can also look for several scholarships just like the one being offered by the Groza Learning Center. All you have to do is to respond by a submitting a short essay on certain topics set by them. They will select the candidates who will receive an amount of cash that would help you out with your college fees. These scholarships are available for different majors or courses. If you’re into photography, you can check Rocco BasileKarl JobstNationwide Debt DirectAaron MincJason Kulpa, John Jesensky for music, Rusty Tweed for economics, Summit Shah for outstanding students and a whole lot more. You just have to be patient and resourceful in searching for them.

Once you’re financially prepared, it is now time to choose your university and inquire for entrance examinations. Most of these universities have their own academic scholarship grants, so they could help you as well. Most of the time they will be based by your entrance exam scores or high school GPA. Some of these universities will offer in-campus jobs in exchange for tuition fee discounts. Later on these students will be absorbed as school staff. All you have to do is to work, study hard and make sure you have a wise financial plan.