Practical and Creative Gift Ideas & Themes for The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the time of the year when the entire family is excited with anticipation. However, it is also the time when your creativity will be tested as well as your budgeting skills. As much as possible, you don’t want to bore them with the same motif every year. Starting with your home decorations, holiday presents, down to your dinner menu and of course your Christmas Eve outfit, there are a lot of plans to make.

You can actually be creative without spending that much thus making your holiday experience at its best every year. First thing you can do is to check your stockroom, declutter and recycle your things. You can check out everything at pinterest for some unique ideas. You can vary the color of your decors according to your planned outfits for the entire family. You can actually use your old clothes and customize it to your style. I found a stylish one that could go along any combination at It has an asymmetric layered hemline in plum shade. It comes in different lengths and can be easily paired with jeans and knee high boots or whichever suits your style. Then make sure that the rest of the family is on the same shade thus making your annual Christmas picture more appealing.

Now that your outfits are ready, it’s time to talk about your Christmas dinner menu. Just come with a dish that isn’t very heavy on the stomach because you may be eating a lot of other foods.  Although you can always wash it all down with a nice bottle of wine. You can check out for your wine orders. You don’t have to go personally to a certain wine store because they can easily deliver it right at your doorstep thus saving a lot of your precious time. You can also check out their wine pairing area where you will find an awesome set every month. Use discount code FAMILY5OFF and receive $5 off your first order at Wine Down Box!  This can be a great holiday present for your wine loving friends as well.The holiday season won’t be complete without presents and if you have a large family, your budgeting skills will really be tested. As much as you can, make sure that everybody gets to open at least one present for themselves. To avoid the holiday rush, start buying whenever there’s a sale going on, even if it’s still the first quarter of the year. Look for unique gifts that can be practical or used every day just like waterbase pillows. Everybody uses pillows, but since it is water based, it is not just an ordinary pillow. You can check them out at and see for yourself how practical this pillow can be. It is surely worth every penny because aside from being comfortable and unique it comes with a five-year warranty. Isn’t that a great value?

Sustain Users’ Interest In Your App By Using Embedded BI For Real-Time Data Reporting!

Are you a developer with an application out there? Do you know the key things your app must have now if it’s to sustain the interest of its users? They include the opportunity for your app to help users make operational and strategic decisions by using the analytics provided by your app!

This is a new need  many app users. In addition to your application being able to supply them the data that reflects their activities on your application, they want the freedom to be able to design and manage their analytics. And finally, they want to be able to do all this within your application!

Is your application (be it mobile or desktop) able to offer this experience? If no, then you need to upgrade real quick! What you need is their purpose-built embedded BI. It helps you deliver the analytics that your users desire within the app!

Their modern three-tier embedded architecture lets you utilize self-service reporting, dashboards and data visualizations on any page of your application.

What their ad hoc reporting entails.

Your app users will be able to find the answers they need in time using their report design experience that can be tailored to your needs. No coding knowledge whatsoever is required on their part, and they will be able to interact with a semantic layer that displays fields in a business-friendly term. They will literally be able to easily share their insights with other users.

Furthermore, the data needed to answer the analytic questions that your users have isn’t always in one place. Their fusion driver lets you blend data from multiple sources quickly without requiring a data warehouse. You can access data through:

  • Role
  • Tenant
  • Row
  • User

With Izender’s intuitive architecture, give your users the ability to perform data analysis and ad hoc reporting themselves and consequently free your developers from having to waste significant time creating reports.

Their platform:

  • Deploys in as little as 30 days
  • Features a code-free administrative interface
  • Integrates in any technology stack
  • Inherits your existing security model
  • Requires no 3rd party software or plug-ins
  • Embeds in cloud, on-premise or hybrid applications

Visit Izenda now to try out these amazing features for your app and give it the professional feel it desperately needs in order sustain your users’ interest!

@NitroCircus  Bikes – The Perfect Gift Idea For Kids

Our daughter loves to ride her bike in a lot of different places where we live in Colorado.  She started riding with training wheels and needed a new bike since she outgrew her first one.  We were recently provided (in exchange for this review) a complimentary Hyper 20″ Nitro Circus BMX Kids’ Bike in Matte Black that is great for her to ride in the park and on dirt trails since it has multi-surface tires.  It’s a black sporty looking bike that has a similar look to the awesome motorcycles we saw at the Nitro Circus show.  The performers were professional motorcycles stunt riders that all rode Nitro Circus motorcycles that had a unique look and focus on performance.  This bike looks very unique because of the platform BMX pedals, the micro-drive front & rear sprockets and the rotor that allows for 360-degree handle bar rotation.  It’s a very solid and well-built bike that will last for a long time. 

The Hyper 16″ Nitro Circus Motobike Kids’ Bike is a great looking bike.  Both of these bikes come with a Bell Nitro Circus Bike Helmet that looks really good on her and she said is very comfortable.   This specially designed helmet is for ages 8-14.  It has a hardshell construction that can be used at skate parks, nine vents for effective cooling and a side-squeeze buckle that is easy to adjust.  This is a single-speed bike with a suspension frame, 16” rims and knobby tires.  The authentic motorcycle saddle & Nitro Circus Graphics provide a great look that kids will feel proud to own and ride with their friends and family. 

The bikes are easy to assemble and would be a perfect holiday gift idea.  The best place for buying bikes is at WalMart because of their low prices and great selection including the two bikes referenced above. 

Perfect Gift Ideas for the Upcoming Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching fast. People are busy creating lists, what food to prepare, clothes to wear, what decorations to get and where to spend the holiday. If you were born in a large and close-knit family, then you know how much the holidays and Christmas is really family time. It is a time for reunions, a time to catch up and a moment for gifts, gifts, and more gifts!

Ozeri INSTAVAC Green Earth Food Storage Container Set are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are versatile. If you want to use storage containers for something other than food or a gift for this gift holiday, it is recommended that the set of green food containers, which are the immediate empty freshness without pumps, motors, and confusing parts. Just press the center of the lid and the excess air is ejected through the unidirectional valve. This requires minimal effort. The patented valve easily removes excess air so that the growth of natural bacteria is greatly reduced and the food remains fresh longer. It also has a relief valve that prevents spills, splashes and breakouts when used in microwave ovens. The wavy pattern at the bottom of each container holds fruits and vegetables in water and juices, BPA-free, dirt-repellent, unbreakable and as transparent as glass.  Also, they are freezer safe.

Why do we need a digital kitchen scale in our kitchen? Is it just for fun cooking or is it really important for all cooks? For those who do not take the cooking seriously or just cook to eat something, you might think that a kitchen scale is just a waste of money. Actually, this is a perfect holiday gift idea. A digital kitchen scale is one of the essential tools for those who need precision in their kitchen. For a baker, it is just as important as a kitchen appliance. The Ozeri Touch II 18 lbs Digital Kitchen Scale has Microban antimicrobial protection that can stop the growth of bacteria that can cause stains, odors and product damage. Did you know that in an unprotected kitchen, the bacteria can double every 20 minutes? The digital kitchen scale is equipped with two lithium batteries. The scale has a low battery and overload indicator and turns off automatically after two minutes of inactivity to extend battery life.

The Hickies lacing system are elastic tapes that are designed so you never have to tie your shoelaces again. Kindergarteners and toddlers rejoice! Admittedly, the method doesn’t take long (unless it is a pair of lace-up skates, which in principle bind like a small corset around the foot). While you can save one minute a day, the unique feature of these strings is that you can customize the fit. There are several ways to put the Hickies in your slippers, each has a different feeling.  For example, if the fit is too wide, use the “tight” fastening technique to tighten it. The lace styles are the same depending on the desired waterproofing, laces and stylistic preference.

Bath Pillow is a fantastic birthday gift! It also can be presented on any of the holiday celebrations. It is a gift for both genders and adults. Bath Pillow is a product made of QuiltedAir 3D Mesh to provide extra strength for suction cups in order to make your bath pillow stick in place.

For your Christmas and New Year holidays, Giusto Sapore Italian Panettone is a great gift idea! In fact, they were traditionally made for these occasions, although they are now being presented on birthdays, Easter, Boxing Day and Thanksgiving Day. The Giusto Sapore’s Italian Traditional Panettone is an Italian bread, studded with candied fruits. It is made of butter and generous portions of raisins.

Sun Tail Mermaid- Girls Can Swim Like a Mermaid Like Never Before!

Christmas is just around the corner and so is Boxing Day and New Years Day. It’s time for a lot of gift sharing again! Unfortunately, many of us are generous givers, but are often lost of ideas when it comes to the best gifts to share on these memorable occasions and on birthdays. Because of this, I have provided below one fantastic gift ideas to keep your gift-giving ideas flowing.

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Bali Blush Mermaid Tail + Monofin Set is an awesome birthday gift. It is a great gift that get the girls feeling very excited by the beachside when they are swimming in the beautiful blue water and mimicking their favorite mystic creature. Made from a unique combination of rich pink, deep fuchsia and royal purples, this suit is sure to leave the bearer reeling with joy for its uniqueness. Visit now to get one or more for yourself!