Build Toys with Your Kids & Create Special Memories

Kids will not stay as kids for long. You only have a few years to build memories with them while they are still in their growing their years. Here are two great toys you can build with them.
The PinBox 3000 is your homemade pin ball game at a fraction of the cost of a regular one. Everything is marked. All you have to do is put the pieces together and play for real in your own house. This pinbox includes the following.
    •    12 die cut slides containing 39 essential parts
    •    30 box rivets 
    •    12 rubber bands
    •    3 marbles
    •    one hook tool, one mini pencil, one hole puncher
    •    die cut extra parts for classic pinball layout
It will take about one hour to assemble since it comes with 39 essential die-cut parts and everything you need to build your PinBox 3000. To learn more about this amazing PinBox game that you and your kid will love just visit
If you have a little boy or even a young girl, they will love the Disney·Pixar’s new Cars 3 movie collection that includes a Jackson Storm model assembly kit.  It’s fun to assemble and even more fun to race to the finish line. It is not a surprise, but some girls love to play with cars too, just like my daughter.  This new Junior Kits from Revell – complete with a unique child-friendly screw and nut connector system, working headlights, action sounds, changeable mouth and eye expressions, and take-apart-and-put-back-together ability for hours of fun as well as STEAM learning.  This Jackson Storm Cars 3 Junior Kit includes 21 large body parts and 24 screws and nuts. You can find this cool Revell race car at any retail store like Target, Fred Meyer, Amazon and Hobby Lobby for only $24.99.  Go check it out and enjoy your favorite car character from Disney·Pixar’s new Cars 3 movie.  All three kits retail for $24.99 (MSRP) and are easy to find at Target, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

Items You Need in Your Kitchen

If you spend much time in your kitchen, I’m sure there are many things you would wish you have. More likely than not, you already have most of them. Here are three things that may not be likely thought of but when you need it, you will wish you have it.
Ozeri OZG11 Graviti Pro II Salt and Pepper Grinder, Black/White
Some people want salt or pepper shakers to make the food taste better for each person’s personal preference. The Salt and Pepper Grinder Set is perfect to have, especially for food lovers. Load with pink salt with minerals and real peppercorn that will provide healthy benefits and that are easy to dispense.
Ozeri Professional Series Induction Pan in Black Onyx, Made in Italy
The Professional Series Induction Pan is the perfect non-stick pan that has no chemicals to contaminate the food you and your family eat.  The aluminum core with magnetized steel base plate works well with rapid heat-transfer induction stoves. It’s scratch-resistant and is easy to clean, so it is very convenient for those who are in a hurry.
Ozeri touch III multifunction 22 lbs (10 kg) digital kitchen scale, in tempered glass
You’ll never know when you will need a kitchen scale until you need one. Most recipes call for certain amounts of ingredients.  If you are not the guesstimate kind of cook, you will need something to make sure you have the right amount of ingredients. Equipped with high-precision sensors, it also has a display with the date, clock, temperature, and a humidity gauge.
All are Ozeri products are made of top-quality materials and you can find their items easily on Amazon.

Find Your Front Load Laundry Machines @BestBuy @LGUS

Looking for a new washer and/or dryer? Let LG help you. Have you tried front-loading washers? If not yet, now is your chance, and if you get it from Best Buy with a Sidekick, you are going to save $150, which you can spend on something you else you want or need. (Come on, pamper yourself.)
Why go for the front-loading washers? Several advantages: it uses less water and consumes less power than a top-loader variety. The washer also spins faster so you will have drier clothes. Really beneficial for last-minute washing! Yet, the machine is also gentle on the clothes that your clothes will last longer. 
 Check out the LG – 4.5 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Front-Loading Washer – White, Model: WM3670HWA and SKU: 5149407. If you often have clothes so dirty or muddy because of baseball games, hiking, or kids just want to have fun outdoors, this front-loader can clean the dirtiest of clothes. It also has a steam option so you can kill germs more effectively. Its FreshCare option can tumble your clothes up to eight hours, to give you wrinkle-free apparel.
The LG – SteamDryer 7.4 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle Electric Dryer with Steam – White, Model: DLEX3370W and SKU: 8733963 is another great product giving you ten cycles and five temperatures settings to choose from. With its TrueSteam technology, wrinkles and odors are reduced and if it still needs ironing, you’re done within half the usual time you would normally spend.
Remember, purchase one of the front-loading washers and SideKick and you will receive $150 in savings. (SideKick allows you to load two loads at the same time.) Not only will you save money, you will also save time. Since it’s an LG product, you can be sure to have a quality product.

Feel free to share the good news with others and go visit your nearest Best Buy for more details.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free