Things To Consider Before Entering University & College Life

High school life just ended for many and pursuing a university degree is just around the corner. It is something that should be taken seriously because aside from mind blowing subjects that require dedication, it isn’t cheap at all. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, so most of the time students rely on student loans to sustain the tuition, books and living expenses. You are expected to have moved out from your parent’s house by the time you enter the university, so basically aside from the university tuition and books, you will need to sustain your daily needs.

If you need any guidance, you should talk this thing out with your parents first. Maybe a little financial help can be provided or maybe moving out can be delayed. It is very important to get all the support you can get because your budget is the most important thing in pursuing a college degree. You may have chosen your course or major, but it would be useless if in the end you can’t afford to pay for what you need.

Getting student loans is among the most popular options you can have as long as you are financially mature enough to pay them off as soon as you can otherwise you will be indebted for several decades into the future. You wouldn’t want all of your paycheck to go directly to your bills right?

Aside from getting a student loan, you can also look for several scholarships just like the one being offered by the Groza Learning Center. All you have to do is to respond by a submitting a short essay on certain topics set by them. They will select the candidates who will receive an amount of cash that would help you out with your college fees. These scholarships are available for different majors or courses. If you’re into photography, you can check Rocco BasileKarl JobstNationwide Debt DirectAaron MincJason Kulpa, John Jesensky for music, Rusty Tweed for economics, Summit Shah for outstanding students and a whole lot more. You just have to be patient and resourceful in searching for them.

Once you’re financially prepared, it is now time to choose your university and inquire for entrance examinations. Most of these universities have their own academic scholarship grants, so they could help you as well. Most of the time they will be based by your entrance exam scores or high school GPA. Some of these universities will offer in-campus jobs in exchange for tuition fee discounts. Later on these students will be absorbed as school staff. All you have to do is to work, study hard and make sure you have a wise financial plan.

#Fall Festivals Great for Families + $25 gc Target #GIVEAWAY!!!

Fall or Autumn is the time of the year when the weather is just right. Not too hot like summer yet not too cold like winter. It is just somewhere in between. In most places, it is also the time for harvest and when many fall festivals are being held. Every state has their own colorful activities for all ages and if you’re planning a family holiday getaway during this time, you should keep reading and take note of the dates.

Adirondack Balloon Festival – get to experience an awesome hot air balloon ride in Glens Falls, New York. They come in lively bright colors and riding them will give the chance to witness the breathtaking view of the Adirondacks. This year they are celebrating their 45th Anniversary, so make sure to plan for September 21-24 in your calendar for this event.

Cranberry Harvest Fest – the entire community of Wareham, Massachusetts is set to have this fest every 7th and 8th of October. Expect a colorful display of harvest, helicopters rides, cooking demonstrations and a whole lot more for the entire family.

Autumn at the Arboretum – if you’re a pumpkin lover, then this is the festival for you. You will be able to see an entire pumpkin village in Dallas, Texas, which is made up of more or less 75,000 pieces of pumpkins, squash and gourds. The festival will start from September 23 until November 22.

Coffee fall festival in Ohio – For all coffee lovers in and near Ohio, this would be the perfect place to be! Many great tasting coffee vendors gather to share their fresh coffee. This event is from Sept 30 to Oct. 3 and you will surely enjoy and pick the best brewed coffee for upcoming cold and wintery days. You can easily find out from HER Realtors page regarding events like this.

Oktoberfest Cincinnati – how can an Oktoberfest be left behind right? Cincinnati, Ohio will definitely sweep you off your feet as you will be able to experience their German Heritage. You will be able to taste authentic foods, hear music, great variety of beers and a lot more as they are being branded as the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the U.S.! If Ohio is too far from you, maybe your own area will have your own version as well.

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We Found Our New & Best Value Dentist at Risas Dental

My hubby had a tooth that started to really bother him recently.  It was a tooth that had an old filling and it was causing him pain all day long.  The pain was the worst when he drank something cold.  Also, the constant pain caused him not to be able to sleep well at night.  His co-worker suggested he call Risas Dental since we didn’t have dental insurance and we were concerned about the potential cost if he needed some extensive dental work to relieve his pain.  We remember a couple of years ago when we paid about $3,000 for a root canal and a crown at his family dentist they have been using for many years.  It’s incredible how the cost for dental services have skyrocketed over the past several years.

Risas Dental were able to see him on short notice and gave my hubby an estimate for the root canal and crown he would need similar to the dental work he had done a couple of years ago.  He was so amazed and pleasantly surprised that the cost was almost half of what he paid at his former dentist.  Risas Dental provided A+ service and did a great job making him feel comfortable during the root canal.  We will provide a follow-up article to show how he looks when he goes back for his crown.

Here is the link for the location he visited, Aurora South – Risas Dental, and a picture of his bad tooth.  The cost for his visit was discounted in exchange for this article and was not factored in the cost comparison above.    So, if you live in the Denver Area, do yourself a favor and call them for your next dentist visit like we are planning to do when our nine-year old daughter needs braces in the next year or so.

4 Tips for Ensuring your Loved One Takes the Right Medications

Facing the fact that a loved one is getting older can be challenging for you both. If you’re the caregiver of this individual, there are likely many decisions to be made. One of these includes making certain your loved one gets the right amount of medication each day. Eight out of ten older adults take at least one kind of medicine per day. Here are some tips to make sure your loved one’s medications are organized and taken on schedule.

Tip #1: Check that the right medications are given

It’s a fact that any pharmacy can make a mistake when it comes to filling a prescription. There is always the chance of a human error being made and you will want to look for these. When you’re the primary caregiver for an older individual in your life, you will want to be certain to check the drugs before administering them. You should take a moment and use a pill identifier to ensure the pills given are the right ones.

It’s a good idea to verify any new prescriptions are correct that this person is being given. Once you’re more familiar with the medication, you may not have to check the same medication with every refill.

Tip #2: Attend doctors appointments

One thing you may want to consider doing is going with your loved one to schedule doctor visits. This can allow you to ask the right questions and work to ensure the best medications are being offered.

It’s possible an older person in your life may not think of all the questions to ask and having you there could be a great help in ensuring the right medications were prescribed.  Be sure to be as prepared as possible for a visit by doing some research on your loved one’s medical conditions, for example, you may want to read up on arthritis and common treatments.

Tip #3: Purchase a pill box

One of the best ways to help ensure medicines are taken on a daily basis and as necessary is by buying a pill box. These come in a variety of types, and you’ll be able to find one that suits the needs of an aging person in your life best.

This type of device can be ideal for placing one or more medications that may need to be taken daily. The good news is these are typically inexpensive but can make a huge difference in ensuring any prescription medicines are taken as necessary.

Tip #4: Know the side effects

As the primary caregiver for your loved one, you will want to be sure you know the side effects of any medications that are being taken by this person. This can allow you to look out for and monitor things on a routine basis.

If you see any abnormal behavior that typically wouldn’t occur with this medicine, you may want to make a trip to the emergency room. Working to ensure the health of your loved one is not being compromised is essential when you’re in this position.

The benefits of caring for a person you love a great deal means include having a personal satisfaction of doing good. It’s for sure this individual will appreciate the time you’ve spent and the help that you’ve provided working to ensure the proper medications have been given. Taking time for making certain the right medicines are dispensed and taken is sure to be to the benefit of you and the aging individual in your life.

U.S. Travel Destinations Your Family is Sure to Enjoy

Remember the days when you and your spouse would go on a leisurely vacation, spend hours by the pool and gaze into each other’s eyes over a nice quiet dinner? Now that you have kids, it may seem like you’ll never have those romantic vacations again; but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make lasting memories with little ones in tow. In fact, it can be a downright fun and exciting adventure that won’t soon be forgotten!

Here are some of the best travel destinations across the country to plan your next family vacation:


Why? One word – Disney. It really is a magical place where adults get to be kids again. There is so much to see and do, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to do first. There is an endless selection of attractions, rides, restaurants and souvenir shops to keep you busy the entire time you’re there.

There are other sights as well, aside from the Disney Park, that are suitable for both adults and kids of all ages.

Sights you don’t want to miss: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Epcot Center and Disney’s Blizzard Beach. Older kids will love Orlando’s Science Center.


Why? Where can you sightsee, shop in world-renowned fashion houses AND spot celebrities all in one day? Hollywood, that’s where! Not only does Hollywood offer great entertainment and night-life, it offers a great family vacation. Little ones and older kids alike will delight in all there is to see and do.

Sights you don’t want to miss: There are plenty of things to do in West Hollywood, such as the Halloween Carnaval, a free event that takes place on October 31st.

Stroll down the Sunset Strip where you’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants, and even some wine tasting events.

There are plenty of museums to check out, as well as Universal Studios Hollywood, an attraction for kids and adults alike.

San Diego

Why? If you’re going to be in Hollywood, take the two-hour trip down to San Diego; you won’t regret it!

Sights you don’t want to miss: The world-famous San Diego Zoo is sure to delight everyone in your group. Home to more than 3,700 rare animals and species, it’s also home to more than 700,000 exotic plants.

For the Lego lovers in your family, a trip to Legoland California is a must. Plan on being here for the whole day!

SeaWorld San Diego is a popular attraction with both animals and plenty of rides for the thrill-seekers in your group!

Grand Canyon

Why? If you don’t want the hustle and bustle of the city, the Grand Canyon offers an excellent alternative. Ride along the Colorado River, marvel at the stars, or hike on the Bright Angel Trail.

Sights you don’t want to miss: Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for a unique look at Mother Nature’s finest; Desert View Drive offers breathtaking views of the canyon. There are many guided tours that take you along the edge of the Canyon for an up-close and personal look. For the very adventurous, walk the Grand Canyon Skywalk, with a glass floor, and views from 4,000 feet.

Washington, D.C.

Why? Because this city is fun AND educational! It’s estimated that the city sees more than 6 million visitors on business alone, but the capital city is also a popular family destination where kids can see their leaders in action. Aside from the obvious White House attraction, there are plenty of other museums and sites that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Sights you don’t want to miss: The National Air and Space Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, the United States Holocaust Museum, and of course, the White House. Tours and sightseeing excursions can be booked online or in person.

Traveling with kids in tow can require a bit more advance planning and plenty of patience. But making memories as a family is priceless and you’ll treasure the memories for years to come.