Receive Exciting Japanese Treats Every Month from #TokyoTreat

Some people get really excited when their palate is treated well. Knowing that Japanese treats are awesome and cannot be found just anywhere, waiting for a monthly supply from will really whet your appetite with surprise treats that range from different sorts of candies, chocolates, biscuits, chips, drinks and DIY kits! You will not know what exactly you will get, but for sure they are all from Japan. There are limited edition and seasonal items you cannot find anywhere, so if you want to make sure to receive these unique treats you have to be subscribed.

If you are a die-hard fan everything Japanese, for sure the small or regular size box will never be enough. Go for the PREMIUM subscription box, which will give you as many as 18 full-size candies and snacks weighing more than a kg (less than 2.5lbs), a drink, a DIY candy kit and a special item that can be a drink, a DIY or a toy. You can subscribe monthly or several months in advance which gives you price discounts, depending on how you subscribe. As a subscriber, you are also automatically entered into a lucky treat worth $500. It’s available worldwide and shipping is free.

How to Preserve Your Memorable Photos

Pictures paint a thousand words. Though the digital world of photos have become more common, it is still nice that some of them end up hung on the wall. Simply printed on photo paper, even if enlarged, can discolor in a year or two, depending on the quality of the paper and ink and how it is stored.

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However, with you can have your stunning photos on canvas which will show vibrant colors that will last much longer than photo paper prints. It also gives a “painting effect” simply because it is on canvas. It can last through generations to come without fading, bubbling or cracking.

Make Popcorn the Easy and Safer Way from Ozeri

What’s everybody’s favorite to eat while watching a movie?  Popcorn, of course!  Having a movie night at home, with freshly-made popcorn, can be frustrating at times with some popcorn poppers, especially if done the old-fashioned way.Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 5.19.50 PM

With this Popcorn Maker though, all you have to do is unload the popped corn when it’s full and load more popcorn to be popped! The Ozeri is real is to use and you can have butter that melts and spread automatically, if you choose to have a buttery flavor. 81gAqtFOcGL._SL1500_

No need to buy those packs in microwave bags with other unhealthy ingredients. Make your own from fresh gourmet kernels.

If you’re looking for a high quality and healthy way to make popcorn, check out Amazon and get the popcorn taste you deserve.

Latest News And Updates About Everyone’s Favorite – Justin Bieber

What does the year ahead hold for the fans of Justin Bieber? What are the coolest shows to attend to in 2017 and what are the latest news about JB?

JB: News, Shows And Trends + Bonus Info About BST Hyde Park 2017

Has Justin Bieber dance his way off your radar lately? Worry not, you are not the only one to lose track of the artist’s latest appearances. Big J is surprisingly quiet lately but that did not stop my research. Thus I present to you the complete list of compelling news about the teen pop idol.


If you are looking to purchase hot Justin Bieber tour tickets or simply interested what the talent was up to lately – you have come to the right spot, my dear friends.

Big J is tired of Paparazzi

The teen idol is inconsiderably frustrated with obnoxious paparazzi lately. Especially if they ask the wrong questions! For once TMZ captured a video where Justin did not want to answer any “dumb” questions about the hockey incident, Kanye West or Donald Trump.

This is not the only story about our boy Justin mistreated by the sensation-hungry press, but it is definitely one of the better ones where the singer got a chance to stand up and speak for what’s right.

Justin + Billy

Start singer is really supportive for Billy Gilman, the rising star of The Voice. Our man Big J has literally melted Twitter during the show’s finally while cheering and rooting for Gilman.

Needless to say, this display of outstanding caring says a lot about the 22-year-old singer. Much more than many of his performances!    

And, finally, it’s time to talk about the BST Hyde Park

Justin has announced a colossal show in London. He will be the star of the BST festival. Book your trips to the capital of Great Britain for the lines will be getting insane way before July 2. 2017. Smarter fans have already done all the preparations in advance and so should you.

16 of December will be the date when all of tickets will be available since 9 AM and up to 6 PM. Pre-sale tickets are also available for Barclycard customers.

What’s the best way to shop for Justin Bieber tickets?

Ultimately, in 2016, there is only one right way to get what you desire – buy it online. The rumor say it that physical reseller will skyrocket the prices after initial sales will be closed down. Additionally, there will be a lot of fake backstage passes walking around the subways of London. If a suspicious dude offers you one of those – rest assured it’s most likely a fake.

Sites like TicketCrab, on the other hand, will provide you access to online purchases. You won’t even need to go anywhere as necessary functionality is available both in desktop and mobile modes.

Plus you will get access to additional benefits, such as:

  • A personalized feed of events. Just bookmark the gigs or events you care about and receive notifications about them in advance. This way you’ll be ahead of the planet with ticket purchases.
  • All of the alerts are personalized and convenient. No ads, no clutter, just news and updates about the topics you really care about.
  • Geo-location targeting will allow you to know about what’s going on right now in your neighborhood so you won’t miss out on a single party.