My hubby called me this afternoon and asked how we’re doing. I told him we are taking a nap and it’s time for us to take a walk out side. It’s really nice and warm out and our daughter wanted to go to McDonald’s. She likes their playground there and the other kids that are usually there. We have one closer to where we live but it’s not that big.

Wholesale shoes

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We are planning to go to the zoo this afternoon but my hubby changed his mind. Instead we are going to the aquarium downtown. Rachel is really excited and can’t wait to go there. Our lunch is ready and once were done eating we will head out to the place and have a great fish adventure.


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It’s sunny outside today for a change. My hubby said it will be nice again tomorrow and the next day. So he plans to take us to the beach this weekend and have a picnic with our friends. I already called them up last night and they’re all excited, especially all the kids. Anyway, I need to start making our lunch because our daughter said she’s getting hungry.