A big surprise

I was surprise that hubby bought a dozen mangos tonight.  He went to the store to get some milk and he saw a lot of mangos at the entrance.   Since he knows that I love them, he grab some.  So Rachel and I were eating mangos right now and after this I will put her to bed.  It’s past her bed time already.

I forgot my list

We just got back from shopping at walmart.  Rachel needed some yogurt and milk.  I forgot to bring my grocery list with me so I ended up getting stuff that I don’t really need and missed a lot of stuff that I need.  But anyway, I had some leftovers from the get together earlier this afternoon with my friends.  I’m so glad that hubby like the food that I brought for him.

Can’t sleep

Almost midnight and I put Rachel to bed.  I was trying to sleep but I can’t.  My hubby is busy playing Wii and I told him I want to eat boiled eggs tonight.  He just laugh at me.  It’s almost midnight and I was craving for some eggs.  Well, I guess I need to boiled my eggs so I can eat them.  Maybe after, it will help me sleep better.

Love the American Idol tonight

We watched American Idol tonight and I just love what Anop did.  I’m beginning to like him  and what he did was just amazing.  I was really surprised and didn’t expect him to be so good tonight.  I always love the song and I first heard it by Micheal Buble.  But anyway,  it’s pretty late here already and I just put Rachel down to her bed.  Her sleeping schedule is really mixed up now because of our trip.

So late

It’s past midnight here and Rachel still wide awake.  Her sleeping schedule was totally mixed up with our trip.  Hopefully when we get back to Denver, everything will go back to normal.  Right now, she’s busy watching her favorite Barney.  My hubby is sleeping so good while I’m chatting with my folks.  I getting sleepy already and I will probably go to bed after I chat with my family.