Visiting my in-laws

We went to visit my in-laws this afternoon.  It’s been a week now since we last saw them.  They just so happy seeing Rachel.  They invited us to eat dinner with them.  Since, we dont have any plan for tonight.  My hubby and I agree on staying and eating with them.  We had a great dinner.  My mother in law bake some chicken and pumpkin pie for our dessert.  It was so good that I couldn’t eat any dessert.

Nice and warm

The weather was nice and warm today.  Rachel and I went for a walk this afternoon.  We stopped at the store and did some shopping.  They have some pretty good item on sale but they don’t have my size.  I was so bummed about it but I’m glad because I bought some nice stuff for Rachel and it’s pretty good price.   Maybe tomorrow I will go out with my friends and hang out with them.

Rachel still awake

It’s past her bedtime already but Rachel still awake.  I just let her play here and hoping after this she will get tired.  I’m getting tired already and ready to go bed.  I ask my hubby to just watch Rachel while I’m sleeping.  I been so busy today doing the laundry, folding them and cleaning the kitchen.  Tomorrow, I will clean the two bathrooms and the closet.  I will probably go to bed after this because I’m so tired and it’s almost midnight.

A good mexican dinner

My hubby ask me whats for dinner tonight and I told him fish and chips.  He told me that he likes to eat some mexican food.  Since I don’t have any mexican stuff here, he said that were going out for dinner.  We went to Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant and I ordered fajitas mixtas.  It’s a combination of grilled steak and hand trimmed breast of chicken and grilled shrimp.  It was so good and my hubby had grilled steak tacos.  As for Rachel, she had chicken noodle from gerber.  But anyway, it was really good dinner and I’m so full right now.  I will probably go to bed early tonight because I’m so tired.

Pizza for dinner tonight

I took a long nap and woke up late.  I don’t know what to prepare for our dinner.  When I checked the freezer earlier, I saw pizza and garlic bread.  So I told hubby that were having pizza for dinner and his cool about it.  As for Rachel I will give her some macaroni and cheese.  She love her new food and it makes me happy seeing her eating good.  She’s been so picky about the food lately and I thought that because of her teething.