Cold and windy outside

I was planning to take a walk with Rachel today.  But it was really cold and windy and even worst it’s snowing real hard.  So, I decided to stay home and watch movies with my hubby.   At dinner time, I grilled pork chops and my hubby just loved it.  As for Rachel she had mini raviolis and mixed vegetables.  Right now, she’s busy playing and I’m hoping after this she will get tired.  It’s past her bedtime already.

Megan is out on American Idol

My hubby and I just done watching American Idol.  Megan just got elimated and it was not a shock for me.  I like her and her voice is unique but lately she just picked the wrong songs.  So when we heard that she’s booted out were not surprise at all.  I don’t know whose next to be booted out but I think I have an idea who.  Well, it’s getting late here and I need to put Rachel down to bed.

My picky Rachel

I’m so glad that Rachel like her new food tonight.  I just started giving her mini ravioli and she seem to like it.  Lately she’s being so picky and it’s hard for me to feed her.  Good thing, she eat the ravioli and maybe later I can give her some yogurt.  My hubby baked pumpkin pie tonight but I’m not gonna eat because I’m so full.  We both had bagels with cheese, eggs and bacon.  It was so good that I had two pieces to eat.

Rachel is getting picky

Since Rachel is getting picky with her food I boiled some fresh vegetable for her.  She never like baby food anymore and it worries me if she doesn’t eat any of her meal.  But tonight I’m so glad because she just like the food I made for her.  My hubby and I had fish fillet with fries on the side.  It’s been so windy today and we went to visit my in-laws this afternoon.  Again, their so happy to see Rachel.

Lasagna for dinner

I got all the stuff ready to cook. Tonight, were having lasagna and garlic bread. I got this recipe from my in-laws. Hopefully my hubby will like it. I never bake lasagna before and I’m excited to make this tonight. As for Rachel, my hubby said she can eat it if she like it.