Excited for out trip.

Just got back from the store.   I forgot that were running out of milk for Rachel.  I went back to the store and get some.  It’s been so busy for me today.  My hubby and I decided to take a short trip to New Mexico.  Tomorrow will be heading at noon time and it takes 6 to 7 hours drive.   Oops, got to go now and need to get the stuff done.

Bowling night

We just got back from bowling.  My hubby did pretty good tonight.  Rachel and I just watched him while we were eating.   I decided to eat at the bowling alley tonight because I forgot to cook rice.  I had club sandwich and french fries on the side.  It was good but pretty pricey.  I paid almost ten bucks but what the heck, I was hungry.   But anyway, it snowed this morning when I woke up.  I was planning to go out for a walk but it’s chilly out.

I was surprised

I cooked pork adobo tonight.  I was surprised how my hubby like it.  He seldom eat Filipino food, I was planning to cook him hamburger.  I was busy in the kitchen cooking and he said, it smell good.  He wants to try some of pork adobo.  I was really happy and save my time for cooking him a  hamburger.

Busy day

Just got back from my friends house.  It’s very late here now and Rachel is getting tired.  I will try to update more tomorrow.  But for now, I will just have to say, it was such a very busy day for us.  Good night everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Party again

One of my friend called me and ask me to confirm if I can come this friday .  Since I don’t have any plan, I told her I’m coming.  It’s not that close but one of my friends will pick me up here and my hubby will watch Rachel while I’m gone.  I love going out to parties with friends because there’s a lot of food, mostly filipino food.  Since hubby doesn’t like my kind of food I only cook it for myself but not very often. Instead I cook american food most of the time.  I’m beginning to adopt it but I need to eat rice one a day or else I will get a headache.