One of my hubby’s friends really gets into paintball. Sometimes he asks my hubby to join his team for fun. My hubby is always busy with his work and on the weekend we usually go out. He was planning to grant his friends request to play paintball at their ranch recently. This morning he was looking for paintball guns on the internet and found the popular tippmann a5 at very affordable prices.

He was content with the paintball items he found and planned to get several before he goes next week. Since I was curious about it I went browsing for paintball products too. I was surprised how many paintball guns you can play with. It’s one of the fastest growing sports nowadays and I can’t blame my hubby’s friend for getting hooked. I’m glad my hubby finally found this place because they have a wide selection of paintball guns to choose from. They only the offer the top brands and they have awesome customer service.

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