Pawdpet Protects Tablets While Kids Use & Cuddle w/ Them

Kids nowadays are equipped to learn and have fun through smart phones or tablets. Parents can do what they need to do while their kids are busy learning or playing on their own. The drawback, however, is the high possibility that the gadget will be dropped or get scratched and no longer function at all. 12109202_979449962118071_9147914429615324332_n

Introducing! Designed by a mother who actually needed to entrust their gadgets to her kids without worrying that something will happen and they will get broken. It is a plush huggable phone or tablet hugger and keeper in one!  There are four pets to choose from, like Eukie.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.48.23 PM
Eukie, like the others, can protect the gadget with its buttoned padded pocket on its the back. When the gadget is needed, just pop it out and Eukie can hold the gadget with its tech-safe belly magnets. It can even be positioned on its side or on its back for easy viewing.

With its removable and adjustable strap, Eukie can be carried anywhere, hugged to sleep or put down for a display when not in use. You can even put small items in its pocket like an ID and an emergency list, just in case it gets left behind somewhere, although that is unlikely to happen. With Eukie for a tablet, you can entrust your gadget to your kid without fear or worry that it will get damaged accidentally.