Piece of mind at home with ADT

My hubby travels once in a while for business and has to leave me and Rachel at home alone. Even though we live in a nice part of town, I get nervous at night when he is not home, especially very late at night. We have talked about getting a security system, but have always put it off for some reason. Then, we heard that there was a home that was broken into and burglarized a couple of weeks ago. After that, our talk about getting an All Home Security system was now turning into action. We know the most popular and best company in the home security industry is ADT, so we went to their website adt.com. Once we were on the website, we noticed they are all over the country including adt Tennessee and in our area too. We decided to make an appointment to have them come out to our house to see what system would give us the best features for the given cost. Knowing that we were finally going to get a home security system that would help protect us day and night and especially when I need it the most when my hubby is out of town on business. Also, it will give us extra piece of mind when we are out of town on vacation and no one will be at our house for days or a couple of weeks.

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