Practical Home Décor

Most people don’t live in houses that look like the ones you see in the fancy home décor magazines – you’d need a staff just to keep house; for most folks a home is a place that is comfortable but also practical and easy to take care of. When they buy sheets or towels they target bath and bedding items which are machine washable and can be tumbled dry instead of fancy fabrics which need to be dry cleaned or ironed; their bath and powder room faucets are nickel-plated with matte finish instead of a shiny gold which needs to be buffed and polished to look good.

One practical way to buy bedding is to invest in a comforter set. To begin with, it’s much easier to make up the bed when you have a comforter set because there’s no bedspread to smooth out and make look perfect. The typical comforter set includes a bed skirt, a comforter and some decorative pillow shams; when you buy a set the design work has all been done for you so everything coordinates perfectly while not matching precisely. Making the bed is simple – pull up the comforter, fluff up the pillows and lean them against the headboard and you are good to go. This is especially useful when you have small children because they can be taught how to make the bed at an early age.

Hampers are another practical home décor item – they are incredibly functional and can be used to do much more than store dirty laundry. Use a hamper to store extra bedding, stuffed animals, winter clothing or even sporting goods. When you place a hamper in each bedroom you can make it easier for kids to properly store laundry and keep wet towels and dirty clothing off the floor.


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