Preferred Weighing Scales

Weighing scales are part of our everyday lives. Most produced in the market are calibrated when sold. When you bring them into the kitchen, many of the recipes for the kitchen are also weighed. Once you eat them, if you do not get them out of your body, it stays part of your body weight. Not all weighing scales are created equal.

If you want one for your kitchen, go for the Thinner Stainless Steel Precision Digital Kitchen Scale. It’s small, lightweight, portable, fashionable, stylish and high tech with large buttons that click audibly. It has a maximum capacity of 5Kg. It turns off automatically and indicates when the battery is low or if the load is overweight.

As for the bathroom scale, go for the Skidproof “Step-ON” Digital Bathroom Scale which has 180Kg capacity. Many of the regular scales lose their accuracy in a few years. Many needed to be tapped on because the reading is erratic. Sometimes you have to tap on the meter to get it set to normal. Not so with Surpahs.

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