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I was researching the internet about obtaining vacant property insurance for a rental property me and my husband own and found a lot of good information. If you are renting a house you have to include the cost of the insurance for the rental property in the rent you charge your tenants. You also have to figure out how many months a year average it is vacant and reflect that in your rental charges too. I think it may also be beneficial to quote your current Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Commercial Insurance if you need it all with one company if you can. You might get a deep discount for the volume of policies all from one customer.

With Homeowners Insurance it is important that you talk to your agent about the level of coverage you need. You most likely should protect your personal property in addition to the full value of your home, not just for the mortgage balance as your bank may require. I was also surprised as there is a difference for water damage depending whether it comes from drainage back or flooding. It is also wise to have personal liability insurance in case you are sued because the attorney bills alone to defend a law suit can cost a bundle of money.

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