Receive Exciting Japanese Treats Every Month from #TokyoTreat

Some people get really excited when their palate is treated well. Knowing that Japanese treats are awesome and cannot be found just anywhere, waiting for a monthly supply from will really whet your appetite with surprise treats that range from different sorts of candies, chocolates, biscuits, chips, drinks and DIY kits! You will not know what exactly you will get, but for sure they are all from Japan. There are limited edition and seasonal items you cannot find anywhere, so if you want to make sure to receive these unique treats you have to be subscribed.

If you are a die-hard fan everything Japanese, for sure the small or regular size box will never be enough. Go for the PREMIUM subscription box, which will give you as many as 18 full-size candies and snacks weighing more than a kg (less than 2.5lbs), a drink, a DIY candy kit and a special item that can be a drink, a DIY or a toy. You can subscribe monthly or several months in advance which gives you price discounts, depending on how you subscribe. As a subscriber, you are also automatically entered into a lucky treat worth $500. It’s available worldwide and shipping is free.