Regimented Weight-Loss Using Military Techniques

If people are serious about fitness and weight-loss, then it might make sense to take some inspiration from the military. Admit it; there aren’t too many chubby soldiers out there, are there? So, those people must be doing something right. With that in mind, there is a little diet and fitness guide outlined on this page based on strategies employed by the army. Take a look at each of the ideas and then try to incorporate them into a standard routine. If readers do that, they should notice a vast improvement almost immediately. However, it’s important to note that most people don’t need to lose weight or get in shape at this speed. These concepts are for individuals who enjoy a challenge.


Consume a military food diet

There is lots of information online about military diets. In most instances, they will provide all the sustenance a human requires. However, plenty of people in the army end up eating food from small silver pouches. There’s no need to go that far unless you’re trying to keep things as authentic as possible. Just search online for the types of food those people are allowed to consume. Find Golo reviews here or look for specialist sites that publish that information. It’s important to plan meals in advance to save time. Still, most of the meals will only take a few minutes to prepare. People in the army have survived and stayed healthy using that technique for years. So, it’s proven to work.

Some of the items that make up a military diet include:

  • Tuna
  • Bananas
  • Grapefruit
  • Eggs
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Cottage cheese


Engage in a military fitness routine

Anyone can find information about military-style fitness routines online without working too hard. It’s just important to make sure the individual has a suitable level of fitness. People who haven’t worked out in a long time will struggle to keep up with the pace. So, it might make sense to perform a less strenuous routine for a couple of weeks first. That should give the body enough time to get used to the movements and stress. Military fitness routines can include:

  • Core, cardio, and leg training
  • Running long distances
  • Completing assault courses (which people will have to build themselves)

Just search online for websites that offer tips and tricks. There are plenty of them on the internet at the moment, and all of the information is free. Try to engage in the routine for at least an hour every single day for the best results. That said, it might make sense to only workout every other day during the early stages. That should give the body enough time to heal and get used to the exercise.


Play sports

Another thing readers might notice about the military is that they always play games. There are army soccer, basketball, and even baseball teams across the country. Sports are an excellent choice because they involve a social element. That means people who do that could make lots of like-minded friends. Getting fit with others is always more enjoyable than doing it alone. Some excellent sports for increasing fitness include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • The list goes on

For details on local sports clubs and teams, just search Google. There should be lots of easy-to-find information out there as most teams have websites. If readers can’t find anything suitable, they could start a new group and advertise for members. The possibilities are endless!

Other ideas

There are many other ways people can get in shape and improve overall health using techniques employed by the military. For instance, they might:

  • Build wilderness shelters (requires a lot of strength)
  • Construct river rafts

Both of those ideas are guaranteed to get the heart pumping without breaking the bank. They’re also lots of fun when enjoyed with other people. Not only that, but individuals could learn some valuable skills in the process.

As anyone can see from reading the information on this page, getting fit using military-style techniques is fun and exciting. It’s much better than just heading down to the local gym and working out while staring at the McDonald’s across the street. People who opt for a routine of this nature will spend time outdoors, get lots of fresh air, and make new friends. So, perhaps it’s something the entire family should try this fall? The best thing about those suggestions is that anyone can use them in all weather conditions. Also, people will lose weight and build their fitness levels faster than they thought were possible.

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