Remember Conversations Before You Forget

How many times have you experienced talking with someone over the phone and when you have ended the call, you forgot something important you talked about? What if you have to remember more than what your memory can handle? Sometimes when it comes to getting prices over the phone or other numbers that are challenging to write down during the phone call, having a way to go back a review the call would be incredibly helpful.

The solution can be found with an Android app called TalkNotes Plus. You can add notes to your contacts, like what you have just talked about, especially when it has something to do with due dates, expectations, deliveries, etc. You can enter your note any time after the call, so that you can create your own history as you go on. The next time you receive a call, the notes will remind you even before you accept the call. That will not leave you guessing, which also makes you save time because you will always have access to your phone conversations. Images can also be attached with your notes and one of the best features is the ability to use cloud computing. This amazing tool can be used by so many people that have conversations with key information on their smart phone.

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