A couple of my friends are planning to go horseback riding this spring. I never tried it before and I always wanted to learn how to ride. Since we have a couple of horse ranches here that have horses to ride, where they let the people ride for very affordable prices. I told my hubby I want to learn about horseback riding. One thing my hubby told me is that I need to have riding boots because it will make it easier to me to learn how to ride properly.

I didn’t know anything about it until I visited and read some of the equestrian fashion in London on the internet. I agreed with my hubby that I need some horseback riding apparel before I start riding. So, I went browsing for some apparel and luckily I found this awesome place. They offer very competitive prices and great selection of horseback riding apparel to choose from. I’m glad I found this one because I don’t need to look around.

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